Kamis, 13 November 2008

Penyakit perut

Aku punya sebuah kebiasaan
Kebiasaan yang tidak aku ingin teruskan sampai saat ini.
Kebiasaan ini bisa dibilang aneh.
Entah kenapa....
selalu saja terjadi
ketika aku buka Internet
Perutku selalu saja sakit
rasanya ingin berak!
kebiasaan ini masih kualami hingga sekarang
sangat tidak enak..

Rabu, 05 November 2008

Metropolismania(English version)

this time i will describe a PS2 game called Metropolismania, the game which allowed you to build a city with you're own style! but i guess i will describe just the important things. Sorry(-_-")

-Pest control problem
Much peoples are confused about the pest control problem. this event will apear above level 6. sometime we will stress when 100% of your population is complaining about flying insects and environment problem, and the next day all building is appeared colored red and want some pest controlers. the key for this problem is though! and get much pest control as many as posible. because they want more than one pest controler in the same place. but don't put it on the same time! because its useless!
this even will apeared by 2 days or maybe it could be 3 days. and we should put the pest controlers over and over again(if you won't they move out and wont come back again). in that case we need much pest controlers asa many as possible
*how can we get pest control as much as possible
Mostly pest controlers is found on a farmers, there's a level which we should build more than 20% of the buildings is an agriculture(i'm forgot i guess its level 3 or 4). we can use this level to get pest controllers as many as possible. and don't forget after we build the pest control, get their phonebook, and game will be easier.
the next we will need is though! this event will finished in 2 or 3 days. yeah! I mean finished is the problem is completly gone by itself. in that time we should keep our population to not move out by finished their damn complains. but i guess that what makes it exciting! you know like the hellstage on a battle game.
*another way to done this problem
-Turn off youre PS before that cursed is coming, When the peoples start saying something like "you must change environment" or "i hate insects" just turn off you're PS now!(i wish you already save the game before that time)
-There's one way more! but this thing just like prevented it. finish the mission before those insects coming. At lease you can escape from that trouble with resigment, and still caould move to next level(I always use this method for every mission below 2000 population;))
There goes! just this i can bring to you now! thanks for visit my blog! and sorry my english is still bad(-_-")sorry!