Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Jessica Sanchez

Guess who've been voted off at top 7 American Idol. It's Jessica Sanchez. That's very shocking or did it? Jessica is the most consistent performer on AI11 beside Joshua Ledet. And she always makes her voice seems effortless. She got a right attitude and massive talent for her age. And she should be win this competition i guess. However, this is American Idol. Some "twist" maybe made inside the production create a drama as the elimination of the most talented singer Jessica Sanchez on top7. I personally think this isn't right and judges saves reaction walk across the stage is overwhelmed and looks like it's been practiced. Maybe they show it to tell everyone to seriously vote for their favorites, because even the most awesome performance is not guaranteed to make contestants safe and this one is example.
Now. let's talk about performances, Jessica's performance last night of stuttering by Jazmine Sullivan is flawless and of course we might think she would not going home after we watch Holly and Philips performances which are lower than other contestant. And her studio version of Stuttering is catapulting at 4th in iTunes after her idol performance (How amazing is that).
However how amazing is Jessica's performance i still don't think she would win this competition. Again i'll tell this is American Idol, and what did you expect from no.1 racist country on universe? It wasn't Fillipino/Cambodian/Latina(I don't know her race exactly) girl. And it shows at comments on the internet, which much people doesn't rooting for her just because she's a minority.
I still think she's deserve to win, but i don't believe she would win it. But even thou she won't win if she determine to become a star(her mother teach her to be it right) i think she would be great in music industry without winning title.