Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

American Idol 2012

Well it's idol season again and we already have our top 13. It's sad that Hallie Day and Brielle Von Hugen Won't make it to top 13. I just love Hallie since her first performance in Pittsburgh she has a strong voice kinda Beyonce thing, but it went really downward at Top24(Buble never gonna be a best song i guess) and she also overshadowed by many contestant. And even tho i love Brielle blues style, everybody know her last chance performance of Adele "Someone Like You" is herrendous.
Well then we have our top 13 now, once again, it's really difficcult because all of them has a different star quality. it's my prediction about who gonna left each week.

week1: Shannon Magrane; I think she will be better to be a model than idol. I mean she's beautiful and really tall but i doesn't find a whole package is lovable.
week2: Erika Van Pelt; Hmm... she has a strong voice and personality but somehow a singing DJ doesn't too attractive.
week3: Colton Dixon; I mean why is he here? He don't want to audition and i think this just too far from expectations for any people who don't tend to audition.
week4: Holly Cavanagh; I love her performance of "Reflection" She showed a lot of skills. But i find her personality will be boring and if she continue her peagent like quality she'll end too short like Pia Toscano last year.
week5: Jermaine Jones; He's very unique will he be another Ruben Studdard? I don't think so.
week6: Deandre Brackensick; His top24 performance is flawless i love it, but when people find that he doesn't make it people choice. You know something is wrong with his quality.
week7: Heejun Han; From his first audition i tought he could be a first asian American Idol. But, yeah people find it loveable but joker need to be serious if he really try to win.
week8: Jeremy Rosado; Beautiful voice, but his case is likes Deandre i guess.
week9: Jessica Sanchez; She has a most beautiful voice ever heard in idol i guess. But will she be first asian American idol? I don't even think america rooting for a girl
week10: Elise Testone; I love her, she has it all, her voice is awesome but i think America more like country music than blues. that what make me unsure is she the winner even tho she has it all.
week11: Joshua Ledet; hmm... Church singer... Jacob Lusk

So i guess it between Skylar Laine and Philip Philips. I love both of them but i rooting for woman(please!) even tho i don't like country music and i find Philips more lovable.