Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

American Idol season 11 is... a man

    I can say, this is sucks.... Not because Phillips(which i love) won, but because the winner is once again a man. And even the perfect dream idol, Jessica can't make it. I mean it's like an indicator for the whole season later, we won't find the female winner except if all the male contestants are sucks. I mean face it, Jessica have a whole package, the best singer ever in idol, she dance, her looks(as far i see), attitude, she want to be it since she was 6 and more. We can say that Jessica is the best female contestant we can imagine on idol, and i can't imagine if we could find a better person who deserve to win(as a female) on AI.
    Well i'm right as i predicted that Phillips or Skylar will be the one will win it from early season. But even i like Phillips originality, and quirky attitude. inside my heart i'm rooting for Jessica better as we seen her performance on AI this season, and it won't happen, and i'm very sad about that she have been defeated by Phil(which i root too).
     It's make sense and we could see what makes Jessica lose. It's because her yesterday performance which is ..."nyehh". I mean we saw the best of Jessica but not last night, i don't know who picked her song but she have more than "I've got nothing" and she really defeated on 3rd round(winner song) . So it make sense if Phil have a stronger performance and better song(i love it). And then on grand finale we saw the best of Jessica singing "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston which is her best performance + Goosebumps, which i wish she sang it at performance before voting.
    Even tho i still believe at runner up always more succesful than winner, but i really want to see Jessica who break the record straight. But it won't happen. And we actually already have a winner like(or at least same charisma, but better and more fun version) as Phil, which is Lee on season9. So, I really want to see female winner please!

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